Getting the Job Done: Norwich 1-2 Arsenal

Miraculous blocks, horrendous defending, beautiful passing play, fantastic movement, just a few things that were seen at Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Norwich.

The Positives

Theo Walcott’s Performance

A great day on the job from the Englishman, whom surely did his chances of that England right winger position a whole lot of good, with surging runs and crafting out beautiful chances with his crosses and his runs. Tortured the Norwich City leftback with his pace and produced fine low crosses, including the one that resulted in the Gunner’s opening goal, which both Gervinho and van Persie could have scored, so that was good picking out from the 22 year old.

Good Chance Production

Something that is always said of Arsenal is that they keep the ball almost too much, not really doing enough to produce the scoring oppourtunities – not providing that killer ball, today we saw more of that from the Gunners.

Both Theo Walcott and Gervinho out on the wings were very useful in providing the chances, with the duo offering a lot of width (dragging fullbacks out wide, and then beating them) along with crosses into the middle.

Arteta was his usual creative self, providing the passes from a bit further back, whilst Aaron Ramsey surged forward when he could, providing another route for attack, so that was good to see.

van Persie’s up to his Usual Tricks

31 goals in the calendar year is impressive. His chances, albeit relatively easy chances (one goal was scored into an empty net whilst the other came from a one-on-one) still had to be tucked away. You’ve still got to be there at the right place and the right time to finish it off.

His second goal in particular was splendid, timed his run to perfection, took the ball in well and finished off with a slightly cheeky chip over the Norwich City goalie.

A 5th Win in a Row

Now who can argue with that?

The Negatives

Gervinho’s Flick

Can’t help but say this. What an a**hole! A funny guy he is, trying to put the ball into the net in that fashion, and I personally think that he really deserved a scolding for doing that, but luckily he was saved by Robin van Persie right behind him, whom slotted it into the back of an empty net. Gervinho’s flick, cocky, cocky, cocky.

Pretty much served him right that he didn’t have a goal to his name, but otherwise, he had a pretty good game. His dribbling and movement caused problems for Arsenal FC both on the left and right flank, and I love his fluorescent yellow/green boots he was wearing, looked absolutely sweet.

What the H*ll was Mertesacker Doing?

Sorry, I can’t help but say this. But that was just absolutely horrendous defending from Arsenal FC’s summer signing Per Mertesacker. The question remains: what was he trying to do? You really shouldn’t see that in top level football, not least at Arsenal FC. Call it slow decision making, call it being in an awkward position, he should have got the job done, that being to clear the danger.

That’s two mistakes this season, and I personally won’t be surprised if Arsene Wenger decides to swap him out of his first team XI, with Vermaelen and Koscielny being my personal favourites for playing at the center of defence for the Gunners. Kudos go to Morrison though, because he produced a fine finish and showed lots of determination to earn himself that gift of a goal.

You Have to Give It To Norwich

Russell Martin Had a Great Game

A fantastic game for the Norwich City defender, saving his team on more than a few occasions. His clearance for what should have been a definite Theo Walcott goal was really unreal, him producing a miraculous overhead kick-esque clearance away from his goal. His other two clearances were spectacular as well, with both looking to have gone in without his intervention.

Norwich Imposed Themselves on the Game

This was in no way a game which Arsenal FC thoroughly dominated, it was unlike usual. Norwich City themselves had long spells on the ball and hit Arsenal FC quite hard on the counter attack. Their resilience was shown through Morrison, whom absolutely ran for his life to get to that ball and pressurize Mertesacker.


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