What Are the Gunners Missing? And Other Good News

Arsenal FC finally look to be the squad that should be once again, racking up the wins on the trot, even catching up with Liverpool in such a short time span given the point difference all those weeks back.

So well, let’s start with the good news. Jack Wilshere, well, he’s pledged to stay with Arsenal FC for, well, forever. When popped the question about whether he would promise interviewer Kugan Cassius whether he would promise to stay with Arsenal FC forever, he answered:

I promise that, yeah. I’ve been at the club since I was nine and learned to love it. From the Vieira days, to Bergkamp, Fabregas, I’ve watched them come through and move on. There’s a crop of new players Ramsey, myself, Kieran Gibbs…hopefully we can really create something special. I love the club and I want to be part of its future

Jack Wilshere

Look at about 1:48. Wilshere’s a legend.

Well, to the other purpose of this post, addressing what Arsenal FC really need if they are to even challenge for that Champions League spot come the end of the season, and to me, that’s definitely squad depth.

Arsenal just don’t have the strength in depth to continually challenge in all competitions. As Man City say, “We have two squads capable of challenging for honours’. That definitely can’t be said to be true for Arsenal.

Arsenal, as seen earlier in the season, can be very weak once the injuries kick in. The Gunners are having a good recent injury track record (with the exception of Jack Wilshere), as a result, we’re having this good run of form.

Arsenal lack the depth, but that’s the only key issue that’s lacking. The lads have proven that they have what it takes to beat the better teams, such as Chelsea FC when there is a fully fit team available.

Andre Santos’ constant improvement is only good news to all Arsenal FC fans around. He offers a significant attacking contribution, with his ability to play neat passes, and he couples that with his growing confidence at the back. The same can be said of Jenkinson, whose crosses are so god d*mn accurate.


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